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It's a fact that there are thousands of games that folks can choose from although they'd normally be at a loss on which games to go for due to the bulky numbers available. Therefore, we've talken out time to select real-time strategy games that'll thrill puzzle game enthusiasts.

This list is ideal for folks who have steady internet connection and a device to match, regardless of if it's a mobile device, pc, or tablet. The excitement that folks will ultimately derive from these games is also a major factor and played a part in our collection.

Meanwhile, Real-Time strategy games are the real deal for lovers of puzzle games as they boost the minds and personalities of those who play them.

This is because they'll be doing business with crosswords, army lists, maps, et al as they continue with their adventures in this genre that's very diverse.

1. Crusader Kings 2

This can be described as a strategy game with a role-play approach. All the characters in the game are simulated and are given specific goals and desires. However, the game will only be fun if you have a deep undersatanding of what it entails.

The players could sometimes be put on a spot where they have to make terrible decisions in their quest to retain power. On of such is finding it eseential to kill your rubbish child so that the smart one can take over when you die.

2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

This can be referred to as online game with major emphasis on history and depicts the Chinese civil war.

Whilst playing this game, you will observe that the relationships are connected and have effects on issues like performance in ongoing battles and diplomacy.

You'll find it more compelling due to the dynamism that can be derived from the Chinese fight. Another adventure you'll find compelling is the one that can be derived when you visit an online casino like Casimba casino and play the games they have on offer for casino gaming enthusiasts.

3. Wealth Words

One thing that must be noted is that these games expose you to lots of different words daily and help you boost your vocabulary, as well as your cognitive and logical skills.

These online crosswords are very unique in comparison to the old ones that were only accessible on paper publications. This is because they are readily available and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

This is an online puzzle game that pays its players real money whilst they play and this is a major reason to get your hands on this game.

4. Europa Universalis 4

This is a mobile strategy game that sees you take up position in charge of the nation beginning from the end of the middle ages to the 1980s.

You'll be required to adopt a political strategy that will enable you to command and control the army as the empire is being built. In this game, you're handed a peculiar task and the task is that you must alter history whilst playing this enthralling battle history game.

This game deserves the plaudits it has received thus far and is worth your time and resources. You'll be surprised by the outcomes that pan out during play.

5. Total War: Warhammer

This is a war online game that comprises a fantasy universe alongside massive battles and detailed units of the creative assembly.

A careful look at the game's starting point will inform you that the campaign of the mortal engines united two games into one gargantuan map.

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